About Dr. Benvenuti

about_dr_b_photoDr. Benvenuti established his cosmetic surgery practice exclusively for plastic and reconstructive surgery in Newport Beach over 25 years ago. An experienced and dedicated physician, Dr. Benvenuti has studied extensively with world experts in New York, Dallas, Honolulu, France, and Belgium and continues to incorporate their latest advances in plastic surgery techniques into his daily practice.

Dr. Benvenuti is at home in Newport Beach, where he grew up. His father, an internist, practiced here for over 35 years and his two brothers are local cardiologists. Dr. Benvenuti resides in Newport Beach with his wife and two children.

A caring and commited professional, Dr. Benvenuti spent a month as a volunteer surgeon on a mercy mission in the Philippines, where he performed surgeries on the natives in outlying islands.

He has lectured in Tahiti on Advances in Plastic Surgery. He has also demonstrated and taught breast reconstruction in the local hospital.

Dr. Benvenuti’s practice not only draws from all over the United States, but also from all over the world – Singapore, Tahiti, Indonesia, Turkey, Germany, and France – to name a few.

Dr. Benvenuti speaks French as well as some Spanish.

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