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December 2014

Publication: Repair of Massive Earlobe Piercing and Plugs (Gauging)

I have recently had several young patients wearing enlarged plugs in their earlobes. This “gauging,” as it is called, is obtained by placing larger and larger gauge earrings, eventually ending with a plug the size of a wine cork or even as large as a Coke can. The history of serial enlargement traces back […]

November 2014

Dr. Benvenuti’s Take: Soft-Tissue Augmentation

The number of injectable fillers for soft-tissue augmentation has increased dramatically in the last few years.
In my practice, I have found with using a combination of fillers in multiple layers such as Restylane, Radiesse, Juvederm and Prevelle Silk are the most reliable and most cost-effective. I have found that Radiesse works the best for […]

February 2014

New Modified MACS Facelift

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New Modified MACS Facelift
A new face lifting technique was recently developed in Europe. After spending time with Drs. Verpaele and Tonnard in their Ghent, Belgium operating room, I imported their techniques to the United States. I have been very excited and satisfi ed with the results.

This short scar facelift is not […]

Breast Augmentation

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One of the most popular and successful procedures that I do is the augmentation of the breast. This involves the placement of an implant, usually saline, under the patient’s own tissue. Different shapes, sizes and inflation amounts can be used to modify the breast. Unless a lifting procedure is done simultaneously, […]

Brow Lift

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When patients desire rejuvenation of the upper face, I evaluate the upper eyelids as well as the eyebrows. In some, the upper eyelids have too much skin and I suggest an upper lid blepharoplasty. In others, the forehead is droopy with heavy eyebrows lying on the upper lids and I suggest […]

Chin Advancement

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Beauty is defined by features. Features of the face are made up of lines, angles, dimensions and proportions. When you look at a face, you are subconsciously comparing the facial measurements to your inner perception of beauty. Measurements that indicate beauty vary from culture to culture. In western civilization, beauty is […]

Eyelid Surgery

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Upper Eyelid Surgery
Eliminating loose, baggy upper eyelid skin is the goal of upper eyelid surgery, medically known as blepharoplasty. Three basic causes of sagging upper lids are: 1) Excessive redundant tissue; 2) eyebrow droop (ptosis); and 3) the “thinned out” connection between the skin and the levator muscle, the muscle that […]

Face Lift

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Technical Talk
The facelift of the future is available today. Known as the composite facelift, it has become the first procedure to adequately address the problem of loose skin or nasolabial folds (the folds running from the nose along the corners of the mouth).

The skin, fat, and muscle of the check are […]


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Most often in SAL procedures, general anesthesia is used. This is especially suitable and safer for larger procedures because the anesthesia dose is more precise. With general anesthesia, the airway (breathing passage) is well controlled giving a much greater margin of safety. Also, it is impossible to completely numb deeper areas […]

Skin Resurfacing

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The beautiful golden tan, the bronze body strikingly contrasted by blonde hair or light clothing…the epitome of beauty and health.. .envied by those with a paler complexion. That was yesterday. Over the years, those gorgeous tans have resulted in wrinkled, sagging skin at best and severe damage or skin cancer at […]

Tummy Tuck

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Tummy Tuck surgery is the lifting and removing of excess abdominal fat and skin while tightening the abdominal muscles. In this newsletter, Dr. Benvenuti explains the requirements and techniques that are used and shows many pre and post-operative.

Le voilà un bulletin en francais

Chirurgie esthétique et reconstructive
Six bonnes raisons d’aller à Newport Beach pour avoir une opération de chirurgie esthétique ou reconstructive.

Le Dr. Benvenuti utilise la technologie américaine et les techniques les plus avancées en chirurgie esthétique. Il a été formé en Californie, à New-York, à Beverly Hills, à Dallas, à Miami, et […]

Breast Size

The Journal of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery published an article last month. A study of 34,000 people shows that males prefer a larger breast size than women.

Mini breast lift

A mini breast lift is often called a donut mastopexy. An incision is extended around the entire areola, the colored tissue sourroundings the nipples. Additional skin is also removed to further tighten the breast skin pocket.



Although 2009 statistics are not available yet, 2008 numbers rank liposuction the second most popular procedure for women and the number one most popular procedure for men. 341,144 people underwent liposuction surgery according to The Amercian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (www.surgery.org).

Liposuction permanently changes body shape and contour by reducing superficial and deep subutaneous […]

Drain-free tummy tuck

A drain-free tummy tuck is the greatest technological advancement available today for abdominoplasty surgery. This new technique that I recently brought here from France has revolution-ized my approach to the tummy tuck. Patients have less pain, more mobility, faster recovery, and no drain site scars. I am thrilled with the results.

Breast Implants

The implants available for breast augmentation surgery are made with silastic (solid silicone plastic) on the outside and filled with either saline solution or silicone gel. My manufacturer of choice is Mentor (www.mentorcorp.com).

During your consultation, I will take measurements and use our new state-or-the-art 3D breast imaging machine (www.illusioimaging.com) to determine the size, shape, […]

Mommy make-over

A “mommie make-over” is an increasingingly popular procedure in plastic surgery today for women who have had children. By definition, it is a combination tummy tuck and breast augmentation and/or breast lift. Sometimes liposuction is also performed.

These procedures, with great results, return a woman’s body to its pre-pregnancy appearance.

Dermal tissue fillers

Most surgical procedures result in swelling and/or bruising of the tissue surrounding the incision site.
I always instruct my patients not to use Aspirin, Advil, Ibuprofen, or any other blood-thinning agents 2 weeks prior to surgery.

I recommend 2 products to reduce swelling and/or bruising:

Bromelain (www.affordable-natural-factors.com) and Arnica Montana (www.boiron.com) until all

Upper blepharoplasty eyelid surgery

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Cost effective dermal fillers get instant improvements

Dr. Benvenuti’s take on dermal fillers.

In my practice, I have found Restylane, Radiesse,
Juvederm, and Preville Silk the most reliable and most cost-effective tissue fillers. Often patients who are not quite ready for a facelift or browlift can get instant improvement with these substances.

Restylane and Juvederm are softer, clear in color and able to be […]

Rhinoplasty can help you look better AND breathe better.

The nose is the basis of the overall harmony of our faces. A small change in the nose can change our overall appearance dramatically. The nose is not purely aesthetic- it is also how we breathe. People consider nose surgery not only for cosmetic reasons but to improve the qualtity of breathing.

Breathing supplies over […]

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