What is PREVELLE Silk?

  • PREVELLE Silk consists of purified hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance already found in your body. It also contains lidocaine, a common local anesthetic added to PREVELLE Silk to increase your comfort during the facial filler procedure.

How long does lidocaine last?

  • Lidocaine last long enough to be effective during the injection procedure, and topical creams or nerve blocks may not be needed.

What will I look like after I have the procedure?

  • PREVELLE Silk has the ability to add volume and smooth a variety of lines and folds to give you a more youthful appearance.

How long does the treatment take?

  • This is a true “lunch hour” procedure, as a PREVELLE Silk treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. PREVELLE Silk is perfect for those special events, so include it in your beauty routine to look your very best.

Are PREVELLE Silk results permanent?

  • As with all hyaluronic acide dermal fillers, smoothing achieved with PREVELLE Silk is temporary, and individual results may vary. Typically, the results last at least 3 months. Because results are not permanent, your physician can evaluate your appearance and make adjustments at your next appointment.

Is PREVELLE Silk only for women?

  • Both men and women are choosing to treat their lines and folds due to exposure to sun and aging. A more youthful appearance may be achieved in both men and women who choose PREVELL Silk as their dermal filler product.

Is PREVELLE Silk different from botulinum toxin?

  • Yes, botulinum toxin works differently than PREVELLE Silk. PREVELLE Silk provides volume to your lines and folds while botulinum toxin relaxes muscles such as those that cause frown lines such as those that cause frown lines between your eyebrows. Many physicians treat lines and folds with botulinum toxin in one area and PREVELLE Silk in other areas.