Patient Testimonials

July 7

Dear Dr. Benvenuti and Staff,

Thank you all for your love and kind heart.  I appreciate your hard work and dedication.  May the Lord bless all of you…may he shine his love upon you and be gracious to you all.  May he fill your life with love and peace always.

Love and Light,


July 1
Dear Dr. Benvenuti:

I want to express my deepest gratitude for the incredible face and neck lift. You are indeed the master of the trade. Not only do I look fifteen (15) years younger, it makes me feel about thirty (30) years younger. I have much more confidence; I have been getting lots of compliments, and a lot of renewed attention that I haven’t gotten in years. I can only imagine the satisfaction you must derive from such a good karma profession.

I am planning on recommending you to not only my closest friends, I will pass along your name and contact information to whomever wishes it. My only request is that you keep the details of my surgery confidential. Additionally, the ladies in your office have been extremely kind and supportive, and are indeed an asset to your business.

Sincerely, J.M.

March 4
Dr. Benvenuti,

Thank you so much for everything! I really appreciate your kindness and I am very thrilled with the results. It is a lot better than what I expected. I am so glad that I had chosen you to perform the most sensitive and person surgeries. You also have an excellent staff and your office manager is pleasant and very caring.

I cannot express my appreciation enough!

Again thank you and see you all soon!


August 20th

I have to write to thank-you for all that I have received from you because of your amazing skill. I feel that I have been given 20 years of my life back. But, the most wonderful result I have experienced is; for the first time in my life I am confident that I look great all the time! I wake up in the morning feeling I look perfect. I work 16 hour days feeling I look perfect all day and, I go to bed every night feeling I look perfect. I no longer worry about make-up 80% of the time I just put sunscreen on and go. I don’t even feel like I have to fuss with my hair, I just pull it back and let my face show.

People that know the procedures I had are amazed at the results. Of course before I did all this, they thought I was nuts. (These same people who are 30 now will be calling you when their time comes). The people that do not know what I had done, cannot get over how rested and happy I look these days. Last night I went out with a friend I known for 32 years. After staring at me for the evening he finally leaned over and told me “How great my face looks, it killed him to do it, because I am 6 months older than him.

Not to diminish your breast work by going on and on about my face. My breast is perfect and the pain is gone.


June 7th
Dear Dr. Benvenuti,

It has been a long five years waiting to have my breasts “remodeled” and even though it’s only a few days post-op I am just thrilled with the results. I have worked very hard to not only restore my health, but restore myself emotionally at well. Over the past few years due to an emotionally abusive relationship I allowed myself to become basically stripped of my identity and it has been a long-hard road to be able to look in a mirror and like who was looking back. After making the final decision to have surgery I feel like you’ve added the bow to the package. I feel I can now fully embrace myself as a woman-which I have never been able to do. Words can never express the extent of my gratitude. Actually the Benvenuti family has held a special place in my heart as my father knew your father and respected him very much and your brother really did save my father’s life, so it was an easy decision to feel confident in your expert hands. I appreciate your compassion and patience. Your staff has been nothing but kind and despite this being the lengthiest surgery I’ve experienced – it has been the best experience live had – especially with coming out of anesthesia. I hope you’ll accept this small gift as appreciation. I know you have traveled to many exotic locations and this made me think of that. I look forward to a continued recovery of well-being and good health.

Best wishes!

Dear Dr. Benvenuti,
So here it is 4 years ago today we stood in that room together and you drew out a new path a new destiny for me, little did I know how happy this little step in my life would make me. (I think you did Dr. Benvenuti). I will always be indebted to you.

Thank you,

Hi Girls,
Thank you to the wonderful team at Dr. Benvenuti’s office. You were all wonderful, kind and gentle.

Love always,
Dr. Benvenuti and Team,

I just want to say Thank You for making me feel so beautiful in and look great too. I feel great and I just love the work you do…a real gentle hand.

Thank You,


Dear Dr. Benvenuti,

Karina, and the rest of the Beautiful personnel at the office.

I really don’t know how to thank all for all the great help and assistance and wonderful job of the doctor. You make people feel beautiful inside and out. I already feel great. I am so happy to have chosen this office and I am honored.

Love you all,

Dr. Benvenuti & Staff,
Thank you so much for all your help, advice, support and a wonderful surgical job!! I am thrilled with the results and will not hesitate to refer others without conditions what-so-ever. Please pass on my thanks to Annette for a great two days of care, also.


Dr. Benvenuti and Staff,
I am so grateful for your services. To have such a fantastic and knowledgeable artist of the human body help enhance my outward beauty is more than I could have ever asked for.


Dear Dr. Benvenuti,
My heartfelt thanks to you and your entire wonderful staff for your gracious, supportive and helpful efforts in making an uncomfortable situation into a terrific one.

I really appreciated everyone taking the time to assist me in my continuing quest to look as good as possible, even at the 11th hour! And with such great attitudes, too!

It’s because of these qualities and the excellent skills of all of you that I continue to come back.

With appreciation and love,

Dear everyone,
I just wanted to thank you with all of my heart for your kindness and generosity that you continually show me and my friends. You are a true example of how a business should be run, although I personally consider you like family!

I am always here for you for free legal advice, and will continue to refer you as the greatest surgeon that I know of!


Dear Dr. Benvenuti and Staff

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for once again going through a successful surgery.  Thank you for being so kind and patient when I called with questions after my surgery.

Thank you again to a wonderful doctor and staff.