The modified MACS is a short scar facelift that lifts the mid-face and tightens the platysma muscle in the neck. It can be combined with neck liposuction to rejuvenate people whose neck skin is not too loose.

The state-of-the-art composite facelift lifts the skin, fat, and muscle together giving the face and neck a natural and pleasing appearance. This procedure, unlike a traditional facelift, addresses the problem of loose skin or nasolabial folds (the folds running from the nose along to the corners of the mouth.)

The incisions of the composite facelift run from above the ear and extend from inside the ear canal, behind the ear fold, and into the hairline. A small incision is also made under the chin so that fat can be removed and the neck muscles sutured together.

The composite facelift is superior to a SMAS or skin facelift because the flaps are thicker. This procedure avoids a wind-swept, mask-like appearance and prevents irregularities which are common with other approaches.