Skin Resurfacing

Laser opcje binarne forum 2017 The Diode laser is used to eliminate red or purple vessels from facial skin. Dr. Benvenuti does not use the CO2 laser for skin resurfacing.

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Chemical Peel vantage fx binary options review Chemical peel is the procedure of choice for skin resurfacing. This chemical agent consists of phenol acid with crotin oil. Unlike the CO2 laser, this new phenol agent enhances collegan reduction, and does not create a pasty or waxen appearance of the skin.

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Dermabrasion trading opzioni binarie cos/\'è Dermabrasion is the sanding down process of the epidermal layer of the skin with a diamond burr. This procedure produces similar results to the laser except it cannot be used around the eyes. Dermabrasion, however, is superior around the mouth for deep, resistant lines.

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